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Just a short post to say I've uploaded a few pics to flickr. Shitloads more to come. :)

I think I drank more beer in those 5 weeks than the rest of the year so far. Though that probably doesn't say much as I'm not exactly an alco. We probably consumed an equal weight of hotdogs - because wurst is everywhere in Germany, and hotdogs in Prague cost about a dollar. Currywurst was probably the strangest dog I ate. Created in Berlin it involves frying the crap out of a regular sausage so that it pretty much explodes and the skin becomes crunchy. The curry bit comes from addition of curry powder - some shops pre-mix it into a tomato sauce whilst most just sprinkle some curry powder on top. Its not really that good.

And döner. I've even put the umlaut in coz the crazy Germans pronounce it "doona". Yes, like the blanket. Döner is largely the same as the Aussie kebab though served between pita bread. To get the Aussie style roll kebab you need to ask for a "durum". I'm sure there's some umlauts in there too. ;) The other differences are their use of yoghurt sauce instead of the usual chill/bbq/garlic sauce options in Sydney, and tabouli appears not to be generally available. Overall I'd rate the German durum above the typical Sydney kebab - the yoghurt sauce nicely offsets the saltiness of the döner meat and the durum is rolled smaller, making it easier to eat.

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