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I've been searching around for reviews of various monitors lately, as I'm looking to buy a 24" LCD. I haven't been able to find a dedicated monitor review site so have resorted to searching various forums, as well as general web search.

There is a big problem with web search. If for example you are interested in the LG L246WHX monitor, searching for "L246WHX review" returns loads of results, very few of which are actually reviews. The problem is that there are too many shopping sites that create a template "review" page for every damned product in their catalogue regardless of whether they actually have a review. I'm sure they think its effective SEO but they are just pissing off users like me. I think of those shops as spammers, and will try to avoid doing business with them.

A more effective search is "bought L246WHX" which turns up more blog & forum postings. Because everyone is copying Amazon nowadays, you may also wish to add a -"customers who bought this also bought".

BTW, don't buy the L246WHX. It is the replacement for the older model L246WH-BN but it has a poorer 160/160 viewing angle compared to the old model's 170/170.

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