Economic Stimulus plan v2.0

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The rocky state of Queensland must be doing it tough as they're now allowing pokies to accept $50 and $100 notes says the Courier Mail.

I think the QLD Government is lacking in ambition. They need to work with the RBA and its Note Printing subsidiary to produce a $1,000 bill as soon as possible. To facilitate their use in current pokie machine hardware the bill should be the same size as one of the existing notes, perhaps the $5.

Additionally, they should allow regular pokie players to link their mortgage accounts directly to their Casino Rewards program cards. I understand this would involve require some technical integration between clubs, pubs, banks and the Government's coffers so this work must begin today so that it can be ready as punters grow weary of feeding $1,000 notes into their favourite machine.

I understand that not everyone may have a mortgage. For those who are unable to save a deposit for their first home the Government should encourage the use of credit cards at the pokies. This would help first home buyers save their deposit through their credit card rewards programs as they gamble.

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