Shit That Annoys Me As A Grumpy Old Man

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As I am clearly an old man trap in a young-ish body I'm gonna start listing Shit That Annoys Me. I'll probably update this over time.

Super Sized Fruit - giant apples, giant bananas, custard apples that weigh close to a kilo, fist sized strawberries. Who the hell is sitting down and thinking "I want to eat me a 300 gram banana, the more tasteless the better!".

I can understand Coke growing from 250mL bottles to 330mL cans then to 600mL bottles and now 750mL bottles coz the sizing is entirely arbitrary, Coke is an American company and therefore everything has to be American sized. But fruit, seriously, does not need to be super sized. I wish farmers would go back to growing normal sized fruit that actually have flavour.

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