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I published my first Google Chrome extension over the weekend. It removes the Google Plus +1 button from Google's search results pages.

It's literally 5 lines of code so it's technically uninteresting. Why did I bother?

The +1 button on SERPs bothers me in several ways. Because of my use of the Personal Blocklist extension it creates a weird empty space at the end of every URL.

But ignoring the aesthetics it just makes no sense. Google's greatest strength is that they understand (or understood?) that their role is to get you the best information for your query (including relevant advertising) and otherwise get out of your way. +1 offers nothing in that regard.

Maybe I am using Google for a navigational query -- e.g. searches "amazon" or "gmail" in which case my goal is to get to or Google Mail, not to sit there clicking +1 buttons. Or I'm searching for information about something in which case I have probably not visited the sites in the results so why would I +1 them?

The natural place to +1 something is ON the target website, not in the search results pages.

This reminds me of the flawed thinking that was prevalent in some teams at Yahoo!. In attempting to grow usage of their properties it didn't matter if the service was offered to users in relevant ways; just stick a link wherever you can.

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