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Am considering setting up a linkblog as I find myself stumbling across so much good reading. For now Xooglers gets a special mention. This blog is written by ex-Googlers Ron Garret (an engineer who developed the first version of AdWords), and Doug Edwards (a marketing guy - you can read his fancy title on the blog ;). I've spent the last couple of hours reading and ended up at Ron's summary of Lisp at JPL. Most of it doesn't have much significance to me as a non-Lisper or JPL-er but one comment caught my eye.

The management world has tried to develop software engineering processes that allow people to be plugged into them like interchangeable components.

Its not a practice restricted to software engineering and processes seem to work rather well for companies like McDonalds. However my gut tells me its a bad thing for the individuals involved - it seems dehumanising - and ultimately the organisation but I'm well aware that I haven't yet the experience to properly judge it. So far my experience says that processes provide consistency and aid planning but within the workplace I see people using them as an excuse not to do things (which is not a flaw in the process itself but it is convenient to be able to point to the process because its impersonal and there's ultimately no one to blame). Noting it here for reference so I can have one of those "I can't believe I ever thought that" moments six months from now. :)

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