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On New Year's Eve Phil & I decided to cut down on swearing in 2006. To provide some disincentive we decided to donate $2 to charity everytime we used the F-word. For the month of January I ended up at $84! That's more than once a day and I tended to let one out, then blow another coz I'd just lost $2. :) Six days into February and I'm already at $12 but I'm proud to say I managed to avoid swearing for 3 consecutive days last week. ;)

I haven't decided on a charity yet and combined with my Xmas bonus from last year I have a small lump to give away. Suggestions more than welcome though I would ask that they should not be affiliated with any religious groups, nor known for their money wasting habits.

Update (5/5/2006): February ended at $26. Tried to keep March under $10 but blew it in the first 3 days. I think it ended at $16. I lost track in April but it was under $10. Refraining from swearing is really easy now and am really starting to notice other folks' swearing. The vocabulary hasn't improved at all though which is disappointing.

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