What consumers really want from TV

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Reading Seven leading in race to deliver movie downloads got me thinking. Always a dangerous activity.

It quotes Robbee Minicola, CEO of Hybrid TV, the licensee of Tivo in Australia:

"One in three broadband customers is a pirate and half of all BitTorrent downloads are TV shows," she said. "We have to think about the immediacy, the instant gratification -- of how to get the consumer what they want when they want it."

The problem is that no one wants to see the same old crap on Tivo as they see on free to air TV. Content breadth and timing is the key.

You can go to USENET or Bit Torrent today and find almost every TV show broadcast anywhere on the planet, and immediately after its local broadcast.

The "scene" works hard on quality - so much so that there are defined standards that are so well known they're even on Wikipedia. Additionally, they remove the ads. I don't really agree with the last part since someone needs to pay producers, actors and other entertainment industry participants but its obviously a bonus for pirates.

So back to the title. What consumers really want -- given that Tivo is partnering with Internode -- is for Tivo to provide a in-built USENET client. Internode already offers free (without cost, but metered) access to Astraweb and Giganews, two of the largest premium USENET providers.

What consumers really want is for that content to be easily available (via their shiny new Tivo box), and unmetered. Hybrid could even insert advertising back into those downloaded shows - the convenience of being able to watch any TV show in the world via a simple browseable & searchable interface far outweighs the inconvenience of a few ads.

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