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One of the current items under investigation for Nomitor is an appropriate CDN. Obviously as a startup we're not going to be doing massive traffic from day one so finding a suitable CDN partner who will let us start small and scale with us over the long term is a tricky task.

As evidenced by there is a very large list of CDNs out there. Besides the obvious price considerations the other key criteria is geographical distribution. Evaluating that is a little tricky but with some coding we're using various open recursive resolvers to get a rough picture of a CDN's network.

So when I heard of Cotendo today I thought I'd give it a whirl. Their site says they have locations throughout the US and Europe, and from the list of IPs I was able to gather for, I'd say I agree. :) => LB01.SANJ.COTENDO.NET. => LB01.CHIC.COTENDO.NET. => LB01.ASHB.COTENDO.NET. => LB01.LSAG.COTENDO.NET. => LB01.DALL.COTENDO.NET. => LB01.NYNY.COTENDO.NET. => LB01.AMST.COTENDO.NET. => LB01.LOND.COTENDO.NET.

Not all the CDNs setup their PTRs so nicely. Big ups to Cotendo for having well maintained DNS.

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