Google network presence in Australia

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For a while now there have been signs of Google rolling out some form of local network presence in Australia. Rumours were that they were trying to buy up large amounts of colo space in Sydney a while ago but I dunno what they ended up doing.

I'm on an iiNet connection and yesterday I noticed that resolved to an IP hosted somewhere in Sydney, judging by the traceroute and RTT.

$ traceroute
traceroute: Warning: has multiple addresses; using
traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 40 byte packets
 1 (  17.399 ms
 2 (  15.512 ms
 3 (  14.622 ms
 4 (  16.438 ms
 5 (  14.986 ms
 6 (  15.337 ms
 7 (  26.729 ms
 8 (  18.969 ms

Today I was watching a YouTube clip and pondering why it was loading so slowly. I thought initially it might've just been my PC as I was running backups at the time but I noticed in Firefox' status bar that it was "stuck" on A quick mtr to that showed that it also resolved to the same as above.

As I wrote this post, I checked that, and it is now resolving to an iiNet IP. :)

$ host is an alias for has address
$ host domain
        name pointer

I'm guessing that the first instance was either a mistake, or became overloaded. But the iiNet hostname in the second instance is interesting. gc-syd = Google Cache, Sydney?

Finally, also resolves to the names.

I'd say all of these are caching proxies as I don't really believe that there is sufficient datacentre space in Sydney for Google to roll out entire farms of their web search clusters, nor YouTube/Google Video farms.

UPDATE: As pointed out on Whirlpool such a setup has existed in Perth since December.

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