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As I work from home full-time nowadays one of the habits I've gotten in to is to go for a run or surf every day. I figure I should do at least this much exercise since the walk to the bus/train stop has now been replaced with a 5 meter route between my bed and desk.

Today I ran a few lengths of the beach then paused up one end to stretch, as normal. A sea gull perched on a nearby rock starts screeching. I look around and nothing unusual catches my eye so I wonder what its screeching about. It appears to be screeching intently at me. Another sea gull arrives, apparently in response to the noise of the first. I figure I should move away now since I'm annoying it in some unknown way.

Sea Gull on person feeding seals Ecomare Texel 2006
photo thanks to nicvder1

It flies after me, screeching away and attempting to "bomb" me. As I keep turning to ensure that I am facing it as it does its dive it swerves to avoid actually hitting me but lets one go on the nearby sand. Sea-gull 0, sand 0, goosmurf 1.

It chases me around for the few minutes it takes me to carefully step out of its "zone". I've never had to fight a sea gull before but I figure if it came to it I'd be a pretty quick study. Anyways, I pondered some more about why it wanted to attack me and recalled an incident crazdewd once shared.

crazdewd, being craz, existed on a diet of 2 bacon & egg McMuffins each day. He would buy two in the morning from Circular Quay Maccas, eat one on the way to work, and keep the other for lunch. One morning a sea gull attacked him during breakfast, causing him to drop his muffin. crazdewd became angrydewd and he lashed out at a nearby flock of gulls, kicking at least one of them.

Putting 2 and 2 together to get 317 I realise now that my adversary today must have been the bird that crazdewd kicked. It confused crazdewd & I since we all look same.

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